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Executive Leadership

Prepare Leaders for Their Toughest Career Move

The jump to executive leadership is one of life's biggest challenges. In fact, our research has shown that it ranks right up there with the stress of divorce, raising teenagers, and even losing a loved one.

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间That’s because the pressure on executives is enormous. The ambiguity, politics, and strategy take many new executives by surprise. As a result, high-performing leaders suddenly start to fail when they step into an executive role.

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间At DDI, our executive consultants have decades of experience helping leaders successfully make the leap into top roles. We help them thrive both as individuals and as teams. And more importantly? We’ll help them get ready for the even tougher C-suite roles ahead.

Accelerate Performance with Executive Coaching

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间There's often not much support for people at the top of the house. And it can be hard for executives to admit to senior and C-level executives that they're struggling.

DDI offers a range of executive coaching options specially designed for executives. Our highly experienced coaches can help new executives see potential pitfalls ahead as they adjust to new roles. We also work with high-potential leaders focus on specific skills to accelerate performance. And we can help struggling executives get back on track.

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Recently, we’ve had a couple of executive roles become available. The great success for me about this program was that our internal candidates shone through and were successful in these positions.  2020年欧洲杯决赛时间

Alan Kinkade, Group CEO, Epworth Healthcare


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McKinsey, 2019

Get Data with Immersive Experiences

We’ve heard it often from our clients: nothing truly prepares you for the challenge of executive leadership. But that’s not exactly true. Immersive simulations like DDI’s Leader3 Ready® give your leaders the chance to step into an executive role. Faced with common executive challenges, they'll see how they really react under pressure.

And when the simulation is over? They get a full picture of how their skills and personal tendencies affect their executive career. More importantly, you get key data that shows you exactly how prepared your executives are to face your specific business challenges.

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Develop a Deep Understanding of Executive Leadership

Becoming an executive means learning to think differently. You have to think as a strategist, an entrepreneur, a talent advocate, and so much more.

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间At DDI, we’ve built a unique experience to help your executives understand the many hats they’ll need to wear as executives. Immersed in a group simulation, your executives work together as a team to see how their decisions impact the success of the business. By the time they leave, they’ll have a much deeper understanding of what it means to be an executive. And even more importantly? They’ll have built solid relationships with their fellow executives.

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Build Your C-suite Bench

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间Your executives today form the pool of people you’ll have to fill tomorrow’s C-level roles. Our consultants work closely with your executives to identify your high-potential candidates. Then we’ll work by their side to get them ready for their next big roles. Fast.

Because you never know when you’re going to need to fill a critical role.

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