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Build Team Management

Teams Help Companies Survive and Thrive

The fate of your business rests on one key element: how well people work together. And in a world of remote, global, and agile teams, team dynamics are more critical than ever.

How can teams today succeed and deliver results? Strong leadership is critical to help teams thrive. With DDI’s leadership development2020年欧洲杯决赛时间 solutions, we can help you build the skills leaders need to keep their teams engaged and productive. And that means better team performance.

The Importance of Teams


2020年欧洲杯决赛时间 Only 20% of leaders rated themselves as ‘very effective’ at leading virtual teams.

DDI, Global Leadership Forecast


2020年欧洲杯决赛时间 Teams need purpose and purpose-driven companies outperform the market by 42%.

DDI, Global Leadership Forecast 2018


2020年欧洲杯决赛时间 Leaders say individuals at their organizations work in silos, hampering driving the company’s purpose.

DDI, Frontline Leader Project

Build Team Management Skills

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间Managing an effective team requires a specific set of leadership skills—skills such as self-awareness, collaboration, and driving for results. With our leadership courses and online tools, DDI can help your leaders master those skills for more productive and innovative teams.

To learn more, check out a sample program below. Feel like your team has a unique set of needs? No problem. We can also work with you to design a custom program just for you.


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Focus on 6 Factors for Success

Wondering what makes an effective team? No matter the shape or size of teams, there are six team effectiveness factors required. These factors include things like shared purpose, emotional security, and collaborative spirit.

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间The six factors are the key to keeping your employees engaged and focused while addressing personal and practical needs of individuals.

Learn the 6 factors

“Very engaging! Although it was virtual, it still felt collaborative like an ‘in person’ class… The opportunity to discuss in groups helped bring the six team factors to life.”  

— Feedback from participants of Leading Teams course

Image of a competency heat chart from DDI's Manager Ready assessment?auto=format&q=75

Get Data on Teams

2020年欧洲杯决赛时间Strong individual performers are good. But strong teams are even better. You need to have a diverse set of strengths among your teams. And you need a baseline skill set for how your teams interact.

With DDI’s assessment tools, you can get a team view of strengths and gaps. As a result, you can determine team development priorities as well as create individual development plans.

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Build Strong Executive Teams

No team dynamic is more important than your team at the top. Your C-suite and executive teams need to be highly aligned and work well together for better team management. Also, they need to be deeply self-aware and honest about their own strengths and challenges, as well as those of the team.

DDI can help you understand your entire executive team and build strong, trusting working relationships for maximum success at the top. Effective teams are particularly important as you look at succession management, especially a new CEO.

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